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An Introduction to Mehandi Designs

Also known as Henna, Mehandi Designs is considered to be a very important part of Women beauty armory for a long time and as days are passing it is also becoming popular amongst Western Nations too. It is considered to be the most crucial component in the lives of young Women. Sub-continental women apply Mehndi Designs during festive occasions, such as weddings, religious gatherings, etc. It is a paste that is bought into a cone shaped tube and then applied into designs for men and women. Usually it was used for palms only, but as time progressed Women started applying it in hands also alongside men. In General, Mehandi Designs is applied where skin tone is lighter instead of darker so that the designs are clearly visible and noticed. Places like hands and feet, back of shoulder and palms can be really good for applying Mehndi Design. In Arab World, Henna has served as the sign of Best Luck, Health and Passion for more than thousands of years. According to Botanists, the Henna Plant was usually originated in Egypt and henna application on the body of Egyptian Mummies provides the clear evidence.

There are many types of variations in Mehndi Design like Arabic, Pakistani, Bridal, Traditional, and as well as Indian Mehndi Designs, etc. And here you will find some of most unique and excellent mehandi designs to make you look exquisite. Here you will be provided with lots of choices to choose from as we have vast collection of designs in all kinds of leg mehandi designs and hand mehndi designs variations and all the designs are latest and precise. Bridal Designs, Arabic  and many more are there in our vast collection of Mehandi Designs Images.

Traditionally Mehndi was originated in ancient “Subcontinent of India” but now Mehandi-Designs are not only popular in the Sub-Continent part instead they are popular all over the World in the form of “henna tattoos”. Mehandi Designs started to become popular in the West by late 1990 by Indian Cinema and Entertainment Industry. Use and Designs of Mehndi differs from location to location in India like in Rajasthan as per tradition it is applied to Brides before Marriage functions and on specific parts of Grooms whereas in Assam it is widely used by unmarried women. In some Gulf States, the brides are dedicated and decorated with Henna Designs on the night before the wedding night called “Henna Night” and in contrast to this some families in Western Countries have “Mehndi nights”. When you compare this to Middle East and African Countries, girls there tend to apply henna to their and on their nails (nails art design), toenails as well as hands.

Marriage and mehandi are closely coupled mo marriage takes place without mehandi. Mehndi design is one of the most necessary parts of marriage ceremony. The bridal henna art is one of the best designs having  gorgeous designs. It has a great variety of different designs, colors, styles, curves, shapes from different cultures and regions .There are many special treatments for getting variety of shades and colors. There is pre and post mehandi treatment for bridal mehndi. Different designs like Arabic, African, indo Arabic, Persian, Marwari, and mughlai with dense and sober work. Tikya mahandi is the most fabulous for the back part of the hand. Bridal Henna mehndi designs covers most of the 3/4 part of the bride’s hand and the entire feet which adds additional appeal in her look.

Pakistani mehandi designs

Pakistani mehndi is a blending style of mehandi design which is a marvelous creation of Indian and Arabic art. Pakistani women prefer dark brown or chocolate brown color of mehndi as it suits more on their blond complexion. Net work, mesh work, mirror work, leaves flowers, and small figurine are the chief designs of Pakistani. Mehandi designs for hands images are equally important as its color. Mostly Pakistani mehndi designed covers palm and back of the hand. It looks classic due to beautiful swirl and curls. In the latest bridal it covers the finger and tips too. Dulhan mehandi or Nail art design has elegant and stylish design with magical touch of floral patterns. Bridal is the stretched up to legs from feet. You can see spiral patterns too. Some from Pakistani mehndi are used for tattoos.

Indian Arabic Mehandi Design

Floral and simplified design have made indo Arabic mehndi all time great.  they are  the best and perfect choice of all the classes of the society for all the function or events. It is ideal for whitish, dark, yellowish complexion. It has sophisticate look so even suits best for the woman in thirties and forties sometimes males also try it for the beautification. The main particles of Indian Henna designs like mangoes, peacocks, curves, and creeper plants. This mehandi designs 2016 and also a nail art design  is the best suitable way to decorate the back side of your hand specially when you have occasion like one of your best friends or close relatives wedding. It is the best and first choice of both traditional and ultramodern Indian families in India and Abroad.  It is suggested by beauty experts to try it once for bridal for a versatile look.


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